what we do

REMURIATE regenerates acidic solutions used to clean or pickle steel.  The acid in the pickling solutions is depleted as it removes rust from the surface of sheet steel, the acid depleted solution or spent pickling liquor is regenerated in a roasting process to reclaim the muriatic acid, thus the name “REMURIATE”.


High quality iron oxide is produced as the acid is regenerated.  The process can be adjusted in order to control the physical properties of the iron oxide produced.  REMURIATE further modifies the iron oxide by grinding and other techniques to make available a number of grades.  REMURIATE’s iron oxide is commonly used for the production of:

  • Magnets (hard and soft ferrites)
  • Ceramics, paints and plastics as a pigment
  • Cosmetics
  • Fire retardant building materials
  • Foundry materials